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Mundane astrology is changing fast. It’s far from mundane and now it has gone global. There are 196 countries with their own mundane agendas and thousands of cities with theirs. And the internet, television and radio – Pluto’s latest marvels – allow you to keep track of what’s going on. But it’s another matter making sense of what it all means. Reading or listening to journalists or expects providing specialist commentary won’t help much. And with unlimited diversity of opinion two experts can see the same ‘crisis’ differently and make their diametrically opposed opinions sound so plausible!

On June 24, 2012 Uranus and Pluto in the sky moved to form an obstacle (square) aspect. And in the Pluto period of the Aquarian age it was a discord hot spot that was sure to bring high-discord events. But the aspect had been exerting its influence for so long – if you give it a 10º orb it first went into effect in May 2007 – that it was hard to see how things could get any worse. It seems these days that we just live with the unspeakable violence, brutality, suffering, economic uncertainty, loss and misery. They’re there all the time and the planets in the sky and their cycle charts just signal when the print and electronic media will bring them to our attention.

The world today is a non-stop news story. There are international, national and local stories and there’s so much going on that it’s impossible to keep up. And yesterday’s disaster is quickly forgotten as today’s serving of shock and awe grabs your attention. But if you want your news without any hype or biased analysis there are web sites that report events just as they happen. And some sites give a complete rundown on all the ongoing conflicts – not just Afghanistan and Syria – and economic problems – not just the US unemployment figures. The Arab Spring commenced on December 24, 2010 when Mars was conjunction Pluto in the sky and the Global Financial Crisis commenced in July 2007 when transit Neptune in the Neptune cycle was opposition birthchart Moon and Jupiter in the Aquarian age chart had moved to form a conjunction aspect with Neptune. And astrological events in the sky during June 2012 weren’t going to help these on-going trouble spots. In fact Uranus square Pluto would highlight the extreme division that wracks the world community and the battle between the democracies, freedom-fighters and liberators and the dictators, autocrats and tyrants. And Jupiter square Neptune on June 25 was sure to bring more financial trouble. The frequent violence is Mars in the sky and his cycle chart doing his thing. Its intensity and level of brutality fluctuates in accordance with the type of aspect Mars forms. So here’s brief account of the major events that occurred around the time of the Uranus-Pluto and Jupiter-Neptune squares:

You might remember that in Britain the Leveson Inquiry (Pluto) into media standards was in progress – how low could they go?; that the Euro-zone was on a knife edge as the long-suffering Greeks, after going to the bank to withdraw all their savings, went to the polls to elect a new government; that the violence in Syria had descended into a civil war that wasn’t an official civil war; and that bombings and other acts of random brutality were occurring in Iraq, Pakistan and northern Nigeria.

On June 16 the United Nations (Pluto) suspended its peacekeeping mission in Syria amid escalating violence. Egyptians were voting in the second round of their presidential election. And China successfully launched its Shenzhou space craft. On June 17 the financial markets were in a state of anxiety as Greece went to the polls to elect a new government. It was in fact a month of political uncertainty. On June 21 a boat carrying 200 asylum seekers (Pluto) capsized north of Christmas Island. 110 survivors were rescued. What followed in Australia was a political disgrace as attempts to address the humanitarian problem failed due to a total lack of cooperation (Pluto).

On June 22 the Syrian military shot down a Turkish F-4 Phantom fighter claiming it had entered Syrian airspace. Anti-austerity protests (Uranus) spread though out Khartoum, Sudan. Julian Assange – editor-in-chief of WikiLeaks – was still held up in the Ecuador embassy seeking asylum (Pluto). There were pay protests (Uranus) by Bolivian police; and teachers in Swaziland went on an open-ended strike in a pay dispute. On June 23 in Mexico fourteen mutilated corpses (Pluto) were found inside a truck – victims of a drug war related crime (Neptune and Pluto). In Ireland tens of thousands of Ulster Bank customers (Jupiter) continued to struggle to get their cash (Jupiter). In the US the hurricane season started. And in Brazil the UN (Pluto) sustainable development summit ended with a warning on corporate power (Pluto).

On June 24 tropical storm Debbie lashed Florida. Wildfires devastated Colorado. And the US admits that it infected Iranian computers with Spyware (Pluto). In Egypt, Mohamed Morsi of the Moslem Brotherhood is declared the winner of the presidential election. On June 25 at least 33 Syrian army officers defected to Turkey – Cyprus was in financial trouble (Jupiter) and sought assistance from its European partners – the Ulster Bank customers were unable to access their money – and The US Supreme Court (Jupiter) ruled that Arizona’s immigration law was mostly unconstitutional except for…

On June 26 there were violent attacks and clashes in Syria, Mexico, Burma, Tunisia, Egypt and Sudan. The city of Stockton, California declared bankruptcy. And another boat carrying 150 asylum seekers capsized north of Australia. On June 27 it was reported that 916 Syrians have been killed making it the deadliest week since the uprising began. In England Barclays Bank (Jupiter) was fined 290m after trying to manipulate interbank interest rates. In Colorado City thirty-two thousand people fled the Waldo Canyon fire.

On June 28 the fallout of Barclays Libor inter-bank interest rate manipulation scandal starts as the bank’s share price plunges 17% and heads roll. Will this be the next Jupiter- Neptune financial crisis? Eurozone leaders held an emergency meeting on financial assistance (Jupiter) to Spain and Italy. And Rupert Murdock (Pluto) announced he will split (Pluto) News Corp into two businesses. On June 29 Bashar al-Assad (Pluto) in Syria states he will not accept a foreign solution to the country’s problem. The world is now divided over Syria with the west, the US and Europe in one corner and Russia, China and Iran in the other. In Britain the Guardian reports that sexual abuse (Pluto) by police is rampant. In America fast moving storms knock out power (Uranus) and four million people are left in the dark. And in Japan 15,000 citizens protest against nuclear power (Uranus and Pluto.) On June 30 Muslim fighters (lower-Pluto) destroyed a UNESCO World heritage site in Timbuktu. The book-burners are back.

July 2012 started with armed conflict and attacks in Syria, Somalia, Yemen, Sudan and Kenya. Natural disasters were reported in Northeast India, Colombia, New Zealand, Northern Ireland and Britain. Spain won the soccer and became champions of Europe. The Spanish people were happy for one day and then it was back to the economic pain and misery. A Friends of Syria conference was held, but Russia and China didn’t attend. And Human Rights Watch reported that Syrian intelligence agencies are running 27 torture centers (Pluto) across Syria.

On July 2 GlaxoSmithKline settles the largest healthcare fraud (Neptune) case in US history for $3 billion dollars. Selling drugs that didn’t work eh? And four officials from the International Court including Melinda Taylor are released after being held in Libya on suspicion of spying. On July 3 the US apologized to Pakistan for a NATO airstrike that killed 26 Pakistini soldiers and Pakistan reopened a key NATO supply route into Afghanistan. And Bob Diamond resigned as Chief Executive of Barclays Bank.

Then there were reports that traces of radioactive polonium (Pluto) had been found on the personal effects of Yasser Arafat; hundreds of protestors clashed with police in the Ukraine; Central banks in Europe and China loosened their respective monetary systems; South Korea announced it will start ‘scientific’ whaling of minke whales; and WikeLeaks began publishing the Syrian files.

Then, on July 8 in Switzerland, scientists announced that they think they have found a Higgs boson. The think they have a discovery but…..It seems that the subatomic particle fits the description of the Higgs boson that was predicted by physicist Peter Higgs but no one is quite sure. A subatomic particle means smaller than an atom and theorists believe that the Higgs boson existed only during the first millionth of a millionth of a second after the big bang. So it’s all very abstruse and esoteric. The Higgs boson is also known as the ‘God Particle’ by atheistic physicists. It’s just some lower-Pluto propaganda they use to make you think that God is a material particle. And if you heard any of the brain bending explanations your Mercury thought-cells are probably rattled and bewildered. Don’t worry. Complicated explanations are just another strategy used by Lower-Pluto to confuse you. Nobody knows what they’re talking about. These days science, like the world economy, is beyond comprehension.

Well, that’s the first Uranus-Pluto square done and dusted. And that leaves six more to go. If you were expecting the sky to fall in you may have been disappointed. But events that occurred around June 24, 2012 will provide a preview of how this long-running astral earthquake will pan out here on Earth. The next square aspect will be perfect on September 19, 2012 and between now and then the two planets will stay in a 1º orb. There won’t be much good news as there are too many human souls contaminated with the lower-Pluto thought virus that’s intent on opposing, coercing, dictating, dividing and killing and Uranus is intent on turning the virus extreme. There’s no way that 196 countries will be able to cooperate on matters of international importance and no way that opposing political parties will be able to cooperate on matters of national importance. But the Olympic Games in London in July and August should provide some light sporting relief – weather permitting.

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The term “Spread” in the tradition of Tarot means the pattern in which the cards are laid out to address a question.  In a spread, each card position addresses a specific aspect of the question; for example, one card might represent the “Past” circumstances of the issue, another might represent the “Present” circumstances of the issue, and yet another card might represent the “Future” circumstances of the issue. 

When purchasing a boxed Tarot deck, in most instances the little booklet of instructions that comes with the deck will suggest certain spreads. The Celtic Cross spread pictured is a classic, but the use and availability of different spreads is literally infinite, and there are many books on the subject of spreads.

There are those readers who consistently use only one spread. There are a couple of advantages to that practice:  (1) the reader will always know how best to formulate a question to suit the spread (see last week’s blog); and (2) the reader has a chance to learn how the cards are read in the different positions of a spread that they use all the time.

Some readers have become familiar with the use of several different spreads in order to accommodate the type of question posed.  Spreads can even be designed specifically to suit a particular question.

There are some readers who like to use every single card in the deck in a spread, and other readers who prefer to do only one-card readings.  This writer finds that “less is more” but that more than one card is better.

In the following weeks, we will explore the advantages and uses for spreads using 1 card, 3 cards, 5 cards, 7 cards, and 12 cards.

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Formulating a question before doing a reading may sound easy enough, but it’s really the most difficult part about reading the Tarot. Why? Because it is the question that really gets to the core of the matter, and in many instances, the question is half of that battle! A sense of vague uneasiness usually means that a specific problem has not been defined. The right question can define the problem, and once the problem is defined, the solution comes easier.

The first type of question that we want to reformulate is the negative question. They usually begin with “Why can’t” or “Why doesn’t,” e.g. “Why can’t I get that job I want?” or “Why am I unsuccessful?” Counter the negative by rephrasing the question positively, e.g. “What surrounds my perfect employment?” or “How can I live a more constructive life?”

Vague questions like “What about my relationship?” need to be rephrased to be more specific, e.g. “How can I strengthen my relationship with X?” Try to be as specific as possible, e.g. “What challenge does this relationship bring to me?”

“When” questions are difficult to pinpoint with Tarot and are best reworded into “How” questions, e.g. “When will I meet my husband?” might be reworded “How do I attract the man of my dreams?”

Some querents ask questions about other people, like “Tell me what’s going on with my child?” or “What’s going on with my co-worker?” In these instances, try to reformulate the question so that it directly relates to the querent, e.g. “Is there anything I need to be aware of with my child?” or “Have I done anything to upset my co-worker?” Make sure your querent is concerned only about themselves and not others unless the question relates to the querent personally. It is not ethical for a Tarot reader to snoop into the private lives of third parties.

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What does manifest mean?  To manifest means to make something evident to the physical senses.  In a          sense, it is like creating something out of nothing.  It’s like magic!

Last week when discussing how divination works, it was explained that we as humans live simultaneously in the physical and astral planes.  Our subconscious mind, or soul, if you will, resides in the astral.  Because vibrations move faster in the astral plane than they do in the physical plane, everything that happens to us in the physical plane first happens in the astral.

How do we communicate with the astral plane?  By our thoughts!  Being conscious of our thoughts is the greatest work we can do in practicing manifestation.  When we think negative thoughts, we are telling our subconscious mind to create negativity in our lives.  Our subconscious is like a puppy. It will do exactly what you train it to do.  It doesn’t know the difference between what is good for us or bad for us;  it just does.    So, if we’re constantly thinking “I’m too fat.” or “I’m unlucky” or “Why can’t I be successful,” remember that you are training your subconscious mind to fulfill your command in the astral, thereby eventually manifesting it in your physical experience.  The work is to change those negative thoughts into positive thoughts:  “I am my perfect weight,” or “I am lucky” or “I enjoy my profession and all the abundance it brings into my life.”

Notice that these affirmations are IN THE PRESENT TENSE.  We would not say to ourselves “I will become my perfect weight,” or  ”I am getting lucky” or “I will be successful someday.”  Your affirmations confirm THE NOW!!

Is there a way to make your affirmations even more powerful?  YES!  By adding as much positive emotion to your thoughts, your thoughts are energized.  The best emotion to use is gratitude.  While you’re making your affirmations, fill your heart with gratitude for knowing that you have what you need or want right now!   

This combination of positive thinking coupled with positive emotion C.C. Zain calls DIRECTED THINKING and INDUCED EMOTION.  Zain recommends that at least 50% of our metaphysical studies should be focused on directing positive thoughts and empowering those thoughts by inducing positive emotions around them.

Oh, and there’s one more thing…We need to take positive steps in our lives toward fulfilling our hopes and dreams.  For example, we can’t affirm that we are rich and famous authors if we haven’t written the book!

To summarize, the three steps we take to manifest in our lives is:

1)       Affirm in the present tense that we ARE what we want to manifest

2)       Energize this positive thought/affirmation with a positive emotion like gratitude

3)       Take positive steps in fulfilling your goal

This is how we can exercise our will – the will of The Magus – to make magic happen in our lives.  It is how we manifest.  Manifest well!

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What travels 186,172 miles per second?  The answer is LIGHT!  For the purpose of explaining divination, we will be using this natural law to discuss the subject of how divination actually works.

If you will recall, the first character in the Major Arcana is the Magus, called The Magician is most other decks.  He stands with his right hand pointing toward the heavens and his left hand pointing toward earth, symbolizing the First Law of Occult Science, AS ABOVE SO BELOW.  The dividing line or the etheric boundary line that is sometimes called “The Veil” separating THE ABOVE and THE BELOW is the speed of light.  All that moves, or vibrates, slower than the speed of light is subject to time and space and resides in the physical plane.  All that moves, or vibrates, faster than the seed of light resides in the astral or spiritual realms and is not subject to time and space.

We, as humans, live both in the physical plane and in the astral plane at once.  Our subconscious, or unconscious mind, or soul, if you will, resides in the astral plane.  We are too far removed from the spiritual plane, unless we are highly trained to rev up our vibrational levels; so our ability to divine takes place primarily in the astral plane, which is the vibratory level closest to the etheric boundary line.

The First Law of Occult Science, AS ABOVE SO BELOW, tells us that what is moving faster than the speed of light and not subject to time and space is reflected in the physical plane through a symbolic language.   We know that Tarot is a “book” of symbolic language, but how do the cards turn up in just the right order to answer our questions?  The cards are moved by a process called psycho kinesis. The word psycho means mind, and the word kinesis means movement, meaning movement through the power of the mind. As we shuffle and cut the cards while thinking about our question, our subconscious mind is at work in the astral looking at the past, present, and future and gleaning the information.  Our subconscious mind then works to arrange the cards we are shuffling in such a way as to reflect the information we are receiving.  This process of psycho kinesis is the basic mechanism moving all tools for divination, whether one is reading cloud formations, smoke, tea leaves, runes, bones, or pick-up sticks.  When we are not using divinatory tools, with a little practice, we can even divine from our immediate surroundings by learning to interpret them symbolically.  Sometimes the symbolic language of our immediate surroundings is subtle, and sometimes it is not so subtle.  We may “divine” our answers from a billboard messaage, a snippet of conversation, or a song on the radio.

Visit this blog next week for HOW TO MANIFEST CHANGE IN YOUR LIFE.  For more information about the 21 Brotherhood of Light Lessons, astrology, alchemy, and tarot, browse to www.light.org or to www.churchoflight.tv for donation-based online classes.

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Egyptian Tarot is astrologically based and each card of the deck corresponds to astrology in some way.  The following is a breakdown of how Egyptian Tarot is broken down:

The Major Arcana represent beginnings, ending, changes, benchmarks, and archetypal energies in a spread.  There are only two Major Arcana that are read differently when reversed:  The Martyr (The Hanged Man) and the Materialist/Spiritualist (The Fool).  Reversed Majors mean that their energy is not fully expressed. The 22 Major Arcana correspond to the 12 signs and 10 planets. 

The Minor Arcana are first read as mundane experiences and if the more earthly experiences do not make sense, read the esoteric or “inner” meaning.  Reversed Minors mean that their energies are not fully expressed.  The 36 Minor Arcana correspond to the 36 decanates of the zodiac. 

The Tens represent change or the unusual.  Reversed Tens mean that their energies are not fully expressed.  The 4 tens correspond to the four seasons.

The Court Cards represents the people of the Tarot according to their personality types, not their sun signs.  Reversed Court Cards get a sex change!  The 12 Court Cards correspond to the 12 signs of the zodiac.

The Horsemen represent the thoughts of other people or the thoughts of the querent.  Reversed Horsemen mean the opposite of the right-side-up interpretation.  The 4 Horsemen correspond to the 4 elements.

Next week, look to this blog for How Divination Works.

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The Youth of Swords represents those personalities born between December 22, and January 19th, Capricorn the Goat.  The Go-Getters of the zodiac, these people are ambitious!  Like the goat, Capricorn-types endeavor to climb the highest mountain.  They are goal-oriented and high achievers, expecting nothing less than perfection, especially when it comes to their own ability.  They are patient, wise, and generally conservative in nature, being a bit shy and reserved.  They are famous for being systematic and exhibiting great organizational skills.

Capricorn-types love good competition and covet the honor, the trophy, the plaque or the title.  They are not generally motivated by money as Taurus-types are.  Somewhat like Taurus-types, though, they are collectors; but their collections are not stamps, coins, antiques or stuffed animals. Capricorns will collect rubber bands, balls of string, brown paper bags, and little bits of this and that because they may be able to USE it someday.  Their key phrase for the Youth of Swords is I USE.

The best quality of this personality is that they are very diplomatic.  They always think very carefully about what they are going to say before they say it, because they are sensitive to other people’s feelings and they want to protect their own position (on that mountain).  Their worst quality is deceit in that, in attempting to say the right thing, they often commit the sin of omission, thereby, not telling the whole truth.  They are also known for deceit to protect their own position, reputation, or image.

If the Youth of Swords should appear in a reading, it represents a man with these characteristics or, in reverse, a woman with these same characteristics.

This concludes the series defining each card of the Brotherhood of Light Egyptian Tarot deck.  Look to this blog next week to begin a new series on the different aspects of doing a reading, which will be prefaced with a quick review.

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