DRACO – October 3rd thru13th


October 3rd through October 13th


Spiritual Text …


 “Deal Justly, Even With Thy Enemies; For it is Better to Suffer Evil than to Retaliate With Vengeance.”


Story…The Battle With the Dragon


    Evolution, up to the state of man, is the result of combat with environmental conditions and the struggle for physical survival. Success in the animal world is largely dependent upon selfish instincts and reliance upon the lower evolutionary qualities of the soul. Difficulties are not overcome by weakness, nor is accomplishment made without aggression and courage. Those who permit competitors to force them to one side are not fulfilling the highest purpose of physical destiny.


   St. George’s struggle with the Dragon reminds us that as Humans we have more than physical means by which to protect ourselves and those we love. Invoking Deity, St. George protected himself, the princess and the village by directing his attention to the greater good. With this intention he raised his vibratory rate such that he was able to perceive the Dragon’s vulnerability. Humans easily fall into the habit of tuning into their self-involved lower-animal nature to triumph over the “Dragon” of adversity. St. George reminds us that when the abilities and possibilities developed in the fierce struggle of our animal past are turned to purposes which have for interest the welfare of all, the soul will cease to function on the plane of the brute, and rise to something which we term divine. It has thus triumphed over the Dragon, and its atonement is complete.

This is one in a series of forty-eight cards corresponding to the lessons of Spiritual Astrology by C. C. Zain.
Each quarter a card from the series is sent to members and friends of The Church of Light who have elected to receive hardcopy. For more information about The Church of Light, or if you wish to support this work with a donation, please go to www.light.org.



About letstalktarot

Allyn McCray began reading Tarot in 1971 after discovering a deck in an occult shop in San Francisco, California. In 1999, the American Tarot Association recognized her as a Certified Tarot Reader. During her experience as an Internet reader between 2000 and 2002, Allyn’s readings were regularly featured on the websites, Psychicnut and Roadtalk. In 2002, Allyn joined The Church of Light, aka Light.Org, a non-profit international school of esoteric studies, where she is now a Hermetician, Certified Teacher, and Minister. Allyn also serves as the Communications Director of The Church of Light and is a Section Advisor in The Order of the Sphinx.
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