The Three of Swords

 The Three of Swords is the last Minor Arcanum anchored by Major Arcanum III, Isis Unveiled.  The key phrase for the outer meaning of this card is LAWSUIT OR DIVORCE.  In the Threes, we clearly see a correspondence between the elements and the idea of Marriage, one of the key words (the other being Action) for Isis Unveiled.

Other suggested mundane interpretations for this card are:

Discord in business partnership

Social split

Argument with a friend

Struggle in business

Antagonistic communication

The astrological meaning for the Three of Swords is based upon the Virgo decanate of Capricorn, sub-ruled by Mercury, and the key word is IDEALISM. People born under this decanate have a natural gift to grasp an ideal and express it in concrete form.  They have powerful imaginations and ambition to work hard.  Natives to this decanate especially excel when allowed to follow their own pursuits, and often they answer a special calling to organized religion. They communicate with interior planes and glean valuable information from that source, even though they may not be aware of it.

The spiritual message of this card is based upon the constellation of Pisces Australis, a fish seen in the autumn skies of the southern hemisphere.  The mythology is that when the evil Tyhpon, symbol of selfishness, made horrible advances to Venus, the goddess of love, she escaped by transforming herself into the fish seen immersed in the humanitarian stream of Aquarius.  This sybolizes the idea that through the cultivation of the higher emotions, it is possible to communicate intentionally with members of the spititual plane. Also, that those here on earth are the recipients of unimaginable love and wisdom coming to us from members of the spiritual realm.  Zain writes: “Almost every person who is devoted to some noble work on the physical plane and for which there may be support of the invisible brethren, discovers that in times of crises they have been helped.  The Bible story of Peter casting his hook into the waters and drawing forth a fish which held a piece of money in its mouth is the perfect example of this phenomena.”  The spiritual message of the Three of Swords is: From the inner planes it is possible for man to attract any information whatsoever he is capabile of utilizing.

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Allyn McCray began reading Tarot in 1971 after discovering a deck in an occult shop in San Francisco, California. In 1999, the American Tarot Association recognized her as a Certified Tarot Reader. During her experience as an Internet reader between 2000 and 2002, Allyn’s readings were regularly featured on the websites, Psychicnut and Roadtalk. In 2002, Allyn joined The Church of Light, aka Light.Org, a non-profit international school of esoteric studies, where she is now a Hermetician, Certified Teacher, and Minister. Allyn also serves as the Communications Director of The Church of Light and is a Section Advisor in The Order of the Sphinx.
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