Called the Wheel of Fortune in many other decks, Arcanum X is simply called The Wheel in the Brotherhood of Light Egyptian Tarot.  Even though it is said that the second row of Tarot cards represents the astral plane, their energies are still reflected and experienced in the physical plane. The magic number 9 of The Sage, the last of our single digits representing the sum of all experience, astral perfection, and wisdom, requires that we begin to combine digits as we start over again on a new and, hopefully, elevated cycle.  

Ten, a number of completion and transition, is a combination of the positive number, 1, and the negative number, 0, and certainly this is the nature of The Wheel. It is said that one thing in life that never changes is change itself.  We can always count on change to be there for us, either for good or otherwise.

The Sphinx at the top of the wheel represents perfect man with all elements brought together in the proper proportions. The Sphinx also symbolizes the passage of time.  The two genies, one good and one evil, spin eternally, each taking their turn.  The Wheel contains 8 spokes, representing Divine Law.  Divine Law leaves a footprint in the Book of Nature, which illustrates eternally that nothing stays the same for very long.

The Wheel is ruled by Uranus, the planet of change.  In a reading, this card will represent a sudden and unexpected change, usually brought about by someone new in the life of the querent. If this card appears in a spread close to a court card, look to that court card to describe the person acting as a catalyst.  Whether the change will be for the good or not is sometimes unclear; but if things are going well, chances are that the change will bring about challenge.  If things are not going well, then the change will probably bring improvement.  The Wheel can also represent a sudden and unexpected change of heart, change of mind, or change of attitude. 

The spiritual message of The Wheel is:

Remember, then, son of earth, that for power thou must will, that is, will strongly; thou must dare, and to dare with success thou shouldst know how to be silent until the moment of action.  If the Wheel should appear in the prophetic signs of thy horoscope, know that to possess the Key of Power you must learn to will persistently only for what is good and true.  And in order to maintain thyself upon the heights of life, shouldst thou reach them, thou must have learned how to sound with a look, and without dizziness, the vastest depths.   –C.C. Zain, The Sacred Tarot

For a deeper understanding and further correspondences relating to The Wheel, consult The Sacred Tarot, by C.C. Zain, available online at  For online classes about Egyptian Tarot and Hermetic Astrology, browse to


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Allyn McCray began reading Tarot in 1971 after discovering a deck in an occult shop in San Francisco, California. In 1999, the American Tarot Association recognized her as a Certified Tarot Reader. During her experience as an Internet reader between 2000 and 2002, Allyn’s readings were regularly featured on the websites, Psychicnut and Roadtalk. In 2002, Allyn joined The Church of Light, aka Light.Org, a non-profit international school of esoteric studies, where she is now a Hermetician, Certified Teacher, and Minister. Allyn also serves as the Communications Director of The Church of Light and is a Section Advisor in The Order of the Sphinx.
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