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Arcanum VI – The Two Paths

Arcanum VI, The Two Paths in Egyptian Tarot, is often called The Lovers, Temptation, Dilemma or Choice in other traditions.  The title The Lovers always made sense because in many other decks, the image is a man and a woman scantily … Continue reading

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The Hierophant

  The fifth Major Arcana of Egyptian Tarot is called The Hierophant.  In many other decks and traditions, this card is called The Pope and his connotation is negative, suggesting orthodoxy and suppression.  In Egyptian tarot, however, the number five … Continue reading

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Isis Unveiled

In Egyptian Tarot Arcanum III, The Empress, is called Isis Unveiled.  Arcanum II, Veiled Isis is represented by Virgo, the Virgin, with the moon atop her crown.  In Arcanum III, the veil disappears and the moon now appears at her … Continue reading

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